Percussion Tips & Tricks

Percussion Tips & Tricks

We had some folks at the workshop ask if we could put together some percussion tips & tricks, so here it is!

 TIP 1: Building Latin rhythm 

congas2“Conga is the heartbeat of Latin music, combined with a lot of other instruments. Conga is no percussion instrument in itself: it is the combination of congas, bongos, timbales, cowbell, … These drums sounds together create the groove. You can find free real drum samples for these instruments on the internet. Something very different from pop music as we know it: The drummer and the bassist give the basics, the rest of the tools make drum samples that enrich groove.

The conga usually has a simple pattern that is constantly repeated. You can keep all that percussion sec and thereby give the rest of the song a lot of space, but you might as well combine the congas with other percussion instruments so you get a vibe that you’ll face as a percussionist lot of freedom. The instrument is even used for producing hip hop drum sounds.

TIP 2: Alternative arrangement

Every musician has his training or his practice sessions to learn certain techniques and these must be mastered to create the ultimate drum sounds. Certainly percussionists and drummers tend to have a certain riff or fill that they can use when they play something new. Well What I recommend is to always go back the basics of percussion: what do I want to do as a percussionist? I want a package to color or just want to add value to what is already there? Focus your attention on what you want to do so again and try to challenge yourself. Ask yourself: what can I do? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? I want to improve those weaknesses if I want to exploit more stronger sides? I think it is always good to exploit your strengths.

TIP 3: Congas in pop I

There are advantages and disadvantages to the conga as an instrument. The advantage is that you can create great music with free drum samples and the colors that you can give to a basic beat as we know it in the West. Specific groove Of course there is also immediately the biggest drawback: congas give a very specific color (drum sounds) to your music.

TIP 4: Congas in pop II

The basic function of drums in the pop world is congasthat they give structure and a groove to the song. Congas cannot do that because they are not powerful enough. In the pop world as we know it, the real drum sounds of the conga are just the little brother of the rhythm. Then you have to know your place well if conga players will always be something in the pop music that complements the groove and creates atmosphere. You can in other words, what the drummer is doing, complete with a melody, but you can also in a very different way to give color to the rhythm with these drum samples section by building a next step. Of course, you will first have to match well with the drummer, but that’s an art in itself. Thanks for reading on this site!