Thank you for visiting our website. The Radio Shack drum workshop is dedicated to connecting people with percussion. Further, RS mission is to connect with those individuals. We’ve been happy to serve the community and have found that people are over joyed to hear about the workshop. We have a lot of fun and hope our clients do too.



You might as why Radio Shack did a drum workshop. Good question. Essentially, we want to reach a more diverse group of people. Look at those people in the picture above…They look happy, right? Exactly. We also want our customers to associate fun with Radio Shack.

The past few years, there hasn’t been much increase in Radio Shack’s customer satisfaction. In fact, we found people only use our store to work on their tedious projects. This can give a negative psychological¬†association with Radio Shack. Obviously this is not something that we want!

Our workshops have been extremely helpful to increasing our rankings and the happiness of our customers. It’s been great to get a different perspective and see our values from that different perspective.

If you want to see more photos, feel free to check out our drum and media pages.

Also, for questions, please visit here.