Introducing Radio Shack’s Drum Workshop!

Welcome to Radio Shack’s drum sample workshop. If you’re interested in learning more about this site, feel free to browse around. Be sure to catch our most recent article on percussion tips & tricks! We’re happy you’re here and hope you enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing Radio Shack reach out to the community by diversifying its target market. Thanks!

Here’s a little video to portray what we aim to achieve:

TeamRadioShack field trip to Amsterdam

Team Radio Shack’s field trip to Amsterdam!

In a weird way percussion drums and weed go together. How often don’t we think of the hippie type, with long dirty hair that holds several flowers, sitting on the ground smoking weed and playing the bongo? Of course we at Team Radio Shack don’t fit that stereotype at all but nonetheless we at Team Radio Shack went for a one-week trip to Amsterdam in January. We were already in contact with some local drummers and had a nice time doing workshops with them. We also took our time to explore Amsterdam and have some really nice diners. One diner really stood out. This was in what the Dutch in Amsterdam call a ‘huiskamerrestaurant’. You can eat food cooked by a superstar chef in a location that resembles your living room.

During the day we were primarily walking and seeing the beautiful city of Amsterdam. And it is absolutely beautiful. The canals and the special houses next to it are a sight to behold. You can walk around for hours and get completely lost at the same time. We also had the good fortune of coming around a time where the Amsterdam Light festival was around. This made the city extra beautiful. This was nice because we had a little bit of bad luck with the weather. In the winter you hope of course to be walking in beautiful snow but it was very rainy. So the beautiful artwork spread all across the city made it a lot better.


Amsterdam is of course a very famous city. It is the biggest city of the Netherlands and because of the weed and prostitution policy it is notorious for tourists from all around the world to come and smoke and engage in ‘other’ activities. You can see their influence especially in the center of Amsterdam and in the nightlife of Amsterdam. Our first night we went out in the touristy center of Amsterdam to a big and expensive nightclub. This was horrible. We encountered a lot of drunk and obnoxious tourists that behaved badly. Tourists from England, Eastern European countries and Russia stood out in bad behavior. The nights after that we first asked our local Dutch friends where the good places where. We had some awesome experiences. For example a small and very cool pool bar and a club that was remote from all other clubs and had a very cool, underground feel to it.

Like I said, one of the coolest things was the private dining Amsterdam cooking experience. In this kind of restaurant you eat in someone’s living room. But it’s not just normal, average food. You eat in an absolutely beautifully designed living room and diner is cooked by one of the best chefs in the Netherlands. This way you get a very special experience. We can guarantee that a trip to Amsterdam when done right is absolutely amazing and besides the bad weather it couldn’t be better. We really want to go back in spring.

Because it was very rainy the week we were in Amsterdam we did had to find a way to spend some time inside. Now I won’t tell who but of course some of us wanted to try some of the possibilities of recreational drug use in Amsterdam. Because of course it is famous for this. We picked a really cool nice shop with a good vibe where we could totally chill and yes we did spend some time there. But of course we also did some high culture stuff. We went to the most famous museum of the Netherlands which was awesome but also did some very funny ones like the Sex museum and the Tattoo museum. Outside we also walked through the red light district which is a very interesting but also kind of sad experience.